Under threat

Are lions facing their biggest threat yet

Almost 200,000 lions roamed Africa one century ago, but recent studies show that the species is extinct in 26 countries across the continent and occupies a fraction of its historical rangeland. With lion populations plummeting by a staggering 43 percent in just the last two decades, the King of the Jungle is now a vulnerable...Read more

How safe is this country

Is Uganda safe ?

On April 7, an American tourist and her guide were rescued unharmed after being kidnapped in a Ugandan national park several days earlier, according to Reuters. Above; The boarder of the Queen Elizabeth Park and the Democratic Republic of the Congo; According to USA Today, Kimberly Sue Endicott and her Colongese guide, Jean Paul Mirenge, were...Read more

Where to go for wildlife

Wildlife in Etosha

Many people ask me “what is the place to photograph the most animals on safari” ?   Well, that would depend a lot on what type of photograph you are looking to capture and what sort of animals you want to capture.     For that classic “Lion King” gathering at waterholes and diverse number...Read more


Arsenal Vs Cardiff

I was recently invited by Arsenal FC as one of their press photographers at a Premier League home match. Arsenal played Cardiff.                 The match went ahead despite the recent loss of Emiliano Sala, a Cardiff player who’s plane was lost at sea just days before the game. All...Read more

News on trips

Namibia, a country of magnificent landscapes and wildlife

Last November, I returned to once again explore Namibia. Aside from the many animals the country hosts, it is renowned for its spectacular landscapes. This is Deadvlei. Surrounded by the highest sand dunes in the world,  a salt pan that dates back 600-700 years ago showing a dried out river bank and black scorched trees....Read more

News on trips

Just back from Zambia

      What a truly beautiful country. Great people and some fantastic wildlife, particularly birds. In fact there are over 749 birds that can be found in Zambia, like this magnificent Grey Headed Kingfisher.   The best area to see big game is the South Luangwa National Park where we encountered leopards on most...Read more