Mark Cale

President of System 3 and Photographer ARPS

Mark had an interest in photography from a young age, a passion that he retained as the years passed. As Mark embarked on a career in videogames, running the globally successful publisher, System 3, he was able to travel the world, seeing some of the most iconic and beautiful sights, which rekindled his love for imagery and the stories they can tell us.

As the digital photographic revolution began Mark first started blending his love for photography with videogames. Focused on two things – running one of the world’s most successful British publisher for 38 years, whilst able to include photography in his daily pursuits. Selling a number of his images through the PlayStation Store as avatars or wallpapers, the capturing of locations and textures drew Mark back into the world of photography, and his portfolio began to grow while expanding his skill set, experimenting with new locations, subjects and techniques for concepts, videogame game storyboards and reference shots.

In recent times, Mark’s interest has led to significant personal achievement, having recently featured as a finalist in the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition for 2017 in the ‘Animals in their environment’ category, where only four finalists were considered. This recognition has reinvigorated his desire to explore and expand his range of shots, test himself in both composition and subject matter, whilst retaining the essence of what gives his images their unique style.